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Marquee Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?         

Most people aren't sure where to begin when it comes to organizing their event or function.  Our friendly staff will be able to give you advise about the size marquee you may require as well as organize an on-site inspection if you require one.  Here you can discuss your exact needs, we can measure the site and check the suitability of your location for the function. The more information you can give us about your event or function, the better the service we will be able to offer you. The best thing to do is to contact Mackquee Marquee & Party Hire CONTACT US

What information do we need from you?

  • What is your event or function for?
  • How many people will be attending?
  • Will people be seated or standing?
  • Will you require a dance area, catering facility or other party hire equipment?
  • What kind of surface is the marquee intended to sit on? i.e. grass or pavement
  • Is the area flat enough and large enough for the marquee?
  • Is there good access to the site?
  • What date do you require the marquee?
  • Your contact details and site/function address?

What should I expect from an on-site inspection?

Mackquee Marquee & Party Hire knows that every event or function is unique.  Our site inspections are also to ensure that your location is safe for you, your guests and for the marquee to be erected.  This will help to ensure that your function can run smoothly.  Our friendly staff will assess your site for your requirements and then return to the office to put your quote in writing.  We can then either email, phone or post your quote with the total cost and any recommendations that we may have for you.

Can I put the marquee up myself?

Our marquee's require assembly by our trained staff for safety purposes.  

What are your payment terms?

When you have decided on the marquee you require, we ask for a deposit of 20% to secure your booking.  If your booking is within a couple of weeks from the hire, we may ask for the full payment depending on dates. Our company policy is that the balance must be paid in full prior to the assembly of the marquee.  In some cases, a bond may be required and can vary in price dependant on your event or function.  The bond will be up to the discretion of the company and will be included in the quote if it is a requirement. Covid Terms - booking deposits will be accepted at the discretion of the company depending on covid rules at the time of booking.

Are there any hidden costs?

At Mackquee Marquee & Party Hire all of our quotes clearly detail the total cost of what you have ordered.  Occasionally there are incidents where damage occurs and depending on how the damage occurred, there may be some replacement costs involved. To put it in simple terms, once the goods have been received and signed for, by you or your representative, you are fully responsible for the goods while in your care.  See our full 'Terms and Conditions' posted on this website.

What happens next?

Once your deposit has been received, we will confirm the date of your booking and arrange a time to meet to assemble the marquee and deliver any other equipment that you may have hired from us. Usually the marquee is assembled the day prior to your event or function but other dates may be agreed on by both parties if required.

Why do you set up the marquee the day before the event?

After we install the marquee it will allow enough time for you to set up your table/seating/ decorating arrrangements inside the marquee before the day of your event.  We can offer some suggestions for arranging the marquee, but setting up is your responsibility.

What decorations can I use?

Whilst we want your marquee to look fantastic inside, there are a few things to remember when decorating the marquee.  Due to the nature of the P.V.C. it will stain if things like coloured crepe or foil paper, coloured balloons, cut/open ended floral arrangements and anything that is not colour-fast rubs against the walls. By keeping these items off the roof and away from the walls it will reduce the chance of staining. This type of damage cannot be removed in most cases and you may be required to pay the costs for replacement.  If you are not sure, just ask us and we can best advise you on what you can do. 

What size marquee do I need?

The capacity of a marquee can vary dependant on the style and what type of event or function you are having.  The table below will give you a general idea of seating capacity but does not include space for things such as a dance area, catering facilities or staging, which you would need to take into consideration when planning your event or function. Marquees over 100sqm require a permit.  You will need to contact your local council for the permit and we are able to supply you with any documents that they may require from us.

Marquee Capacity Guide

SIZE Seated Trestle Tables  1.8m - 6ft Seated Round Tables 1.2m - 4ft Buffet - Standing

3x 3m

6 - 8

6 - 7

12 - 14

3x 6m

12 - 16

12 - 14

23 - 27

3x 9m

18 - 24

18 - 20

34 - 43

6x 6m

24 - 32

24 - 30

47 - 57

6x 9m

36 - 48

36 - 45

78 - 89


48 - 64

48 - 60

  94 - 115


  75 - 100

70 - 90

160 - 175

9x 9m

 70 - 85

 65 - 75

   90 - 105 


 75 - 100

 70 - 90

160 - 175 


 120 - 135

 100 - 120

176 - 205 


140 - 160

 120 - 140 

210 - 246


160 - 190

140 - 170

246 - 280


190 - 270

170 - 216

280 - 315


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