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Mackquee Marquee & Party Hire we have the best quality, NZ made, commercial grade marquees on the market.  These are made for NZ changing weather condtions. Not only do they offer strength and flexibility they are stylish. Our marquees offer versatility when planning your venue for your event or function whether it be for a birthday, wedding, or community event we have a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Springtop Marquee - this is our preferred style of marquee which has no center pole yet still has the glorious peaks. This style is suitable for small to medium sized functions and events.  These marquees are available in 3m and 6m modules. They all come with white walls as standard.  The larger 6m marquees also have accessories such as clear walls and silk liners for that special event. These marquees are versatile in that they can interlink with a specialized gutter system.  Not only can you arrange this style of marquee in straight lines, but also corners and 'U' or 'L' shape layouts for unique or difficult venues. This style suits most surfaces. i.e. Concrete/hard surfaces.



6x9 Electron

Electron Marquee - This peg and pole style marquee also has fantastic peaks with traditional internal centrepoles. It comes with white walls as standard with optional clear walls. This style is an affordable marquee for the budget concious customer. Great for 21st parties and private entertaining.  This style suits grass/soft surfaces only.




Clip inside

Clipframe Marquee - This style marquee is clear spanning allowing maximum use of space. The roofline is gable style with hip ends. This clipframe comes in 9m width with various spanning lengths. White walls are standard and looks fantastic with the with optional clear walIs.  This marquee does require specialist assembly and suits most surfaces. i.e. Concrete/hard surfaces.



Cottage Clear Wall 6m

Marquee Accessories

Clear Walls - This photo shows the "Cottage" style clear walls.  They come is 6m spannings and allow the outdoors in.  They look fantastic and offer shelter in windy or wet conditions. They are an extra cost to the marquee.




Toggle WallToggle Wall - This wall system is invaluable for splitting the area of the marquee. It is easy to open and close, simply slide along the eave rails like a curtain. No un-hooking or dragging the walls along the ground.    Toggle walls can be used to store stock or hide/cover an area not to be viewed/accessed i.e. catering area off the main marquee. Toggle walls also can be used as the main opening to the marquee.

Marquee Flooring - Having an event in winter? Need to protect your lush grass and reduce the mud on the lawn? Then we have the answer for you.  We have Pro-Floor grey plastic flooring to accommodate your needs.   You can see the flooring in this picture.  Very strong and designed to help protect your grass.

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